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New Books, Papers & Other Resources


A collection of interviews with some of the world's leading philosophers, scientists, theologians, apologists, and atheists.


Covalence is an on-line magazine of religion and science, published by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).


New book by Nancey Murphy and Christopher C. Knight

Human Identity at the Intersection of Science, Technology and Religion

For further information please click here.

New book by Geoffrey Cantor

Religion and the Great Exhibition of 1851

This book challenges the widely-held view that the Great Exhibition of the Works of All Nations was a manifestly secular event devoted to science, technology, and manufacturing. Instead, it is argued that this most high-profile event of the mid-nineteenth century possessed many religious dimensions and generated controversy among religious groups. Using contemporary sermons and especially the highly differentiated religious periodical press, Geoffrey Cantor explores a wide range of Protestant reactions - both Anglican and Dissenting - as well as the responses of Catholics, Jews, and secularists. This book not only sheds fresh light on the Great Exhibition but also addresses religious understandings of both scientific and technological progress.

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New book by John Barrow

The Book of Universes by John D Barrow

This book for a general audience tells the story of how Einstein's equations provided a
succession of solutions describing possible universes. It follows the history of the discovery of all the different sorts of possible universes that we know about and introduces the characters involved. It describes the latest ideas about inflationary universes, quantum cosmology and multiverses, as well as the best-buy model of the observable universe today. Many wider implications of cosmology are discussed.

New and forthcoming books by ISSR members

Science and Religion around the World (OUP New York), edited by John Hedley Brooke and Ronald L. Numbers, 2011.

Ronald Numbers (ed), Galileo Goes to Jail and other Myths about Science & Religion (Harvard Univ. Press, 2009);

Peter Harrison (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Science & Religion; 2010

Thomas Dixon, Geoffrey Cantor and Stephen Pumfrey (eds.), Science and Religion: New Historical Perspectives (Cambridge UP 2010).


Three Big Bangs: Matter-Energy, Life, Mind by Holmes Rolston III.

Columbia University Press is pleased to announce the publication of Three Big Bangs: Matter-Energy, Life, Mind by Holmes Rolston III.

By dividing the creation of matter, energy, life, and mind into three big bangs, Holmes Rolston III brings into focus a history of the universe that respects both scientific discovery and the potential presence of an underlying intelligence. Matter-energy appears, initially in simpler forms but with a remarkable capacity for generating heavier elements. The size and expansion rate of the universe, the nature of electromagnetism, gravity, and nuclear forces enable the the explosion of life on Earth. DNA discovers, stores, and transfers information generating billions of species. Cognitive capacities escalate, and with neural sentience this results in human genius.

A massive singularity, the human mind gives birth to language and culture, increasing the brain's complexity and promoting the spread of ideas. Ideas generate ideals, which lead life to take on spirit. The nature of matter-energy, genes, and their genesis therefore encourages humans to wonder where they are, who they are, and what they should do.

Holmes Rolston III is University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Colorado State University, a Gifford Lecturer, and recipient of the Templeton Prize in Religion.

To find out more about this work go to:


Call for Papers

SPT 2011
Technology and Security - 17th International Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology

May 26-29, 2011
University of North Texas, Denton, TX, USA
For further information visit:

Willem B. Drees, member of ISSR and editor of Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science has published a new book, titled Religion and Science in Context: A Guide to the Debates. The book has appeared in hardback and in paperback with Routledge.

The first half considers the religion-science discussions in its wider context. Is it about combatting secularization or superstition? What roles does it serve: apologetics for religion, apologetics for science, ammunition in intra-religious controversies? What criteria doe we use to distinguish sense from nonsense? What concepts of religion are involved? The later half argues for the possibility of religious perspectives, both naturalistic and theistic, and the significance of narratives and traditions. See table of contents below.

1. ‘Religion and Science’ in Multiple Contexts
2. Worldly Interests: Apologetics, Authority, and Comfort
3. Science, Sense, and Superstition: Criteria
4. Hunting a Snark? Religion in ‘Religion and Science’
5. Mystery in an Intelligible World
6. Values in a World of Facts
7. Meaning in a Material World
Engaging in Religion and Science: An Epilogue

For further information visit


Test of Faith

The Test of Faith DVD, book and course materials are now on sale in the USA from

Also new from the Test of Faith project is the 'Celebrating God's Creation' church service material, that was developed in partnership with the Bible Society UK. This resource includes a sermon outline, ideas for prayers, liturgy and songs, videos, PowerPoint and all-age/children's activities.

'Celebrating God's Creation' is available to download free from

Test of FAITH will be featuring in the ‘God and Darwinian Evolution’ conference in Oxford on Saturday 12th November. For details and booking go to

And finally, if you are a Facebook user and are not yet a fan, the ‘Test of FAITH’ Facebook page is at:

Creation in Crisis: Christian Perspectives on Sustainability, edited by Robert S. White, foreword by James Jones

SPCK, August 2009

This volume highlights the seriousness of environmental degradation and climate change, the root causes and possible solutions, and the contribution of Christian thinking to these issues. A distinguished collection of scientists and theologians together provide a compelling account of why Christians should play a significant role in the struggle to transform societies towards sustainability.

To order, visit or

Alternatively, email or call 01235 465 500

Darwin, Creation and the Fall: Theological Challenges, edited by Sam Berry and Tom Noble

Apollos, June 2009

Creationism and the Conflict over Evolution by Tatha Wiley

James Clarke & Co. Ltd, June 2009

If you look up at the night sky, do you think of such a beauty as a gift of God or as the result of the Big Bang? We all belong to the universe and the way we think about its origin influences our life in a personal and intellectual way.

This book aims at shifting the debate about creation and evolution from a vision of the world based on fundamentalist presuppositions to one historically conscious. Furthermore Wiley focuses on bringing the human desire to understand the world into focus, and on differentiating the way the Bible is understood by the fundamentalists and analysed by biblical scholarship.

The book deals with questions about God, his relation to evil, the resistance of creationists to evolutionary theory and why the historicity of Genesis 1 is so important to fundamentalists. In addition it explains what Charles Darwin meant by natural selection as a mechanism of evolution and why it was an achievement.

You can find further information on this title at the following address:

Intelligent Faith, edited by John Quenby and John MacDonald Smith

O Books, September 2009

Truth and Tension in Science and Religion by Varadaraja V. Raman

Beech River Books, 2009

Mind in the Balance by B. Alan Wallace

Columbia University Press, March 2009


Natural Science in Western History by Frederick Gregory

Houghton-Mifflin (now Wadsworth Cengage)

This two volume book is also available in a single volume (625pp). While it is primarily a textbook, it does naturally deal a lot with issues in science and religion. For contents enter this ISBN number (978-0-618-22410-4) into the ISBN search window at Cengage's website (

The Darwinian Revolution by Frederick Gregory

A course of lectures on "The Darwinian Revolution", released in time for the 200th celebrations. These, as you can imagine, deal a great deal with issues in science and religion. See

Questions of Truth: Fifty-One Responses to Questions about God, Science and Belief by Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS and Nicholas Beale

Westminster John Knox Press

The Search for God; Can Science Help? by Sir John Houghton

John Ray Initiative, 2008

Published by Lion in 1994, now out of print in that edition but in 2008 reprinted by the John Ray Initiative (
and also by Regent College Bookstore, Vancouver, Canada (
John Houghton emphasises the synergy between science and faith and use illustrations from science to illuminate faith.


Global Warming: the Complete Briefing 4th edition by Sir John Houghton

CUP 2009 (available in April)

In addition to a description of the science, impacts and policy considerations of climate change, it includes
a chapter 'Why we should be concerned' about religious and ethical considerations.

Saving Creation: Nature and Faith in the Life of Holmes Rolston III by Christopher Preston

Trinity University Press

ISSR member Holmes Rolston, III, Professor of Philosophy and University Distinguished Professor at Colorado State University, is the subject of a just published intellectual biography, Saving Creation: Nature and Faith in the Life of Holmes Rolston III. The author is Christopher Preston, a philosopher at the University of Montana. Preston documents the evolution of Rolston's theology of nature and concern for saving creation from his childhood in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia through his four decades at Colorado State University, where Rolston gained an international reputation as the "father of environmental ethics." The biography starts with Rolston's being dismissed as pastor of a Southwest Virginia church for being "too wild," and ends with Rolston's giving the Gifford Lectures at Edinburgh and receiving the Templeton Prize in Religion from Prince Philip in Buckingham Palace.

Christ and Evolution: Wonder and Wisdom by Celia Deane-Drummond

SCM Press, March 2009

The figure of Christ is at the heart of Christian faith and self-understanding, whether conservative or liberal. In this volume, widely acclaimed theologian Celia Deane- Drummond sets out to develop an understanding of Christ that is far more conscious of the evolutionary history of humanity and current evolutionary theories about the natural world.

Creaturely Theology: God, Humans and Other Animals edited by Celia Deane-Drummond David Clough

SCM Press, February 2009

Creaturely Theology is a collection of new explorations into the relationship between humans and other animals in Christian theology. This book of essays breaks new ground by drawing on historical, hermeneutical, theological, scientific, philosophical and ethical modes of analysis in order to examine the relationship between human and non-human animals in a way that has thus far received little attention.

Faraday Institute: New Report 'Rescuing Darwin - God and Evolution in Britain Today

In February a new report - 'Rescuing Darwin – God and evolution in Britain today’ - by Nick Spencer and Denis Alexander was published.

It is for sale on the Faraday Institute web-site - - (go to the Shop folder) at a special 65% discounted price (to £3.50 plus p&p). There is also a special free offer of the ‘Rescuing Darwin’ report for those who purchase a book from the on-line Faraday Shop.

The 70-page report, published by Theos and containing five chapters, presents and discusses the latest quantitative survey findings by the polling company ComRes concerning the level of belief and disbelief in Darwinian evolution in the UK today. The poll was based on 2000 respondents and represents the most reliable recent data on this topic available.

The report also contains chapters on Darwin’s own religious beliefs, analyses why Darwin still remains in the cross-fire in the year of his double anniversary, and discusses how theism and evolution can be held together in a coherent way.

Inhibition of the Bcl-x_L Deamidation Pathway in Myeloproliferative Disorders - Paper by Dr Denis Alexander

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Christmas Day, the paper descibes a novel signalling pathway inside cancer cells that might be amenable to theraputic intervention.

A Tangled Web: Medicine and Theology in Dialogue, by D. Gareth Jones, edited by R. John Elford and D. Gareth Jones

Published by Peter Lang, Oxford 2009

It is volume 1 in New International Studies in Applied Ethics. It is the outcome of a colloquium in 2006 involving scientists, ethicists, theologians and policy makers. The chapters cover issues under the headings of theological background, moral boundaries and regulation and policy.



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